North East Yorkshire Geology Trust, who are we and what do we do?

NE Yorkshire Geology Trust is an independent, not-for-profit organisation involved in geoconservation. Our volunteers and members care about their local landscapes and the rocks that shaped them. They are interested in finding out more about the area where they live and how the environment evolved over millennia. They take an active part in the work of the Geology Trust, which is best captured by our strap-line: Protect and Share.Active Geoconservation

We protect our local Earth Heritage. For nearly 10 years now, we have surveyed our area, most of the North York Moors National Park and down to the Yorkshire Wolds, sites of geological interest (Coral reef at Betton Farms), sites of international significance (Wykeham and the Vale of Pickering). We have cleared faces in disused quarries (Wydale Quarry), helped protect and recover a dinosaur footprint, now on view at the Rotunda Museum, Scarborough.

More importantly perhaps, we have spoken out to give geology and geodiversity parity with archaeology and biodiversity with our institutions and local government, become consultees to our four planning authorities, written a non-designated new geological site of global significance for climate change into a Section106 Agreement. We have written articles and put together a Local Geodiversity Action Plan, detailing our views on the state of geoconservation, our recommendations and the actions we have taken over the last 10 years to improve the perception and the reality of geoconservation in our area of North Yorkshire. The Geology Trust has become a Geoconservation Hub, gathering local and national interests, stakeholders and landowners, educational institutions and industry, conservationists of all kinds and the general public to raise awareness and make a difference in geoconservation.

Geoconservation HubWe share our local Earth Heritage. To raise awareness of the Geology Trust and the work we undertake, 10 years ago we started activities, which involve local communities and visitors in finding out more about our wonderful landscapes and geodiversity. We have a public Events Programme, we undertake Geonaut events in schools and with youth groups, we tell stories, which bring to life our area's heritage, past environments, the creatures that lived here and the great contributions Victorian geologists made to the modern world we live in. We have acted to make William Smith a local hero, interpreted geological information on boards (Love Lane Quarries in Pickering), trail guides (26 to date in 2013) and earth heritage booklets (Rosedale and Robin Hood's Bay).

Fossil walks, talks and lectures, guided walks, community events (Rosedale Show, Celebration of our Community Event in Robin Hood's Bay), rock & fossil road-shows, practical conservation, our Newsletter Exposure and Geonaut events (CSI Dinosaur – Victorian Geologists – fossil walk and road-show) are all part of what we do to spread the word about the importance of geology, its fragility, its vital importance to the way we live and what we can do to understand it better and make sure it isn't overlooked.

Geonaughts at Ingleby Greenhow


If you are interested in the work of the Geology Trust and would like to know more or become more involved,please follow this link to our contact page.

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