Recruiting for Geoconservation

Recruitment is a constant quest for your Geology Trust. We are always interested in new talent to join the Trust, as volunteers, freelancers, interns or members and will always listen to people with a passion for geology and geodiversity.

Becoming a freelancer, an employee or an intern with the Geology Trust very much depends on specific project funding as we do not receive any financial support for our work.

Fun on the beach looking for fossilsTo be eligible for a freelance or salaried position, you must demonstrate a strong interest in geology, many years experience in geoconservation, a sound track record in research and project management. You must be a good communicator, have your own transport, be computer-literate, well-organised and a self-starter. If you are interested in applying, please contact us for a preliminary chat on 01325 378 513.

Each of our interns is pretty unique and their circumstances hugely varied. If you want to be considered, please contact us with your motivation to become involved with the Geology Trust.

We are constantly trying to boost our membership and the number of our active volunteers. You can join the Trust for just £10 a year (or £25 as a family). You don't have to be a geologist although an interest in geology or certainly in your local earth heritage helps.

We have people from all walks of life and indeed benefit from their expertise and advice: naturalists, artists, teachers and former lecturers, geologists, writers, marketing people, students and gardeners.

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