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Geology in WW1

Who Digs Wins - Geology in WWI

The objectives of our project Who Digs Wins funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund were to research and identify the role of geology in the First World War and follow threads through special characters and locations and quirky twists of fate and brave actions.

Surprising as it sounds, the role of geology was restricted to mineral resources for the first few years of the war.

Barry Butler

A great read on a great walk

Barry Butler, an active member of the Geology Trust, has published The Coast-to-Coast: Rocks & Scenery, a book we are happy to recommend to walkers, landscape and geology enthusiasts and Earth Sciences students. The book follows Wainwright's Coast-to-Coast Walk from St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay as it journeys through rocks and scenery shaped during the last 500 million years in environments as contrasted as ancient seas and deserts,

Geonauts & Dinosaurs

Geonauts & Dinosaurs on the Seashore

2017 is for the Geology Trust, the year of Geonauts. Geonauts is a fun and innovative way to engage children in learning science, exploring the environment they live in, gathering evidence for the stories they create, challenging the theories they build and experiencing scientific methods and critical thinking. It is a concept owned and developed by Mike Windle, our Director.

The Imperial War Museum

A day at the Imperial War Museum London

I volunteered to do some research for NE Yorkshire Geology Trust project "Who Digs Wins" funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund on the role of geology in the First World War.

The IWM seemed a sensible place to start my investigation as I wasn't sure where and what to look for. I telephoned the Museum and asked whether I could talk to someone who could direct my research.

Who Digs Wins : how geology helped win the First World War

North East Yorkshire Geology Trust has been awarded a grant of £9,700 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to explore how geology changed the course of the First World War.

Thanks to National Lottery players this one year project will involve an exploration of the hidden side of World War One to discover how the two sides approached the use of technology and science.

Mapping Work Experience

Mapping a work experience

These maps designed by Ryan Brown show the geology and locations of our territory. They are an excellent example of collaboration between NE Yorkshire Geology Trust and its partners - here the York St John University. Mike Windle, Director of the Geology Trust created a tailor-made work experience to suit Dr Pauline Couper's Human Geography student in a 'Yorkshire Deal' that benefitted all parties.

A Grand Little Museum

A Grand Little Museum crammed with Dinosaurs

I was blown away on my last visit, there's so much to see, so many new exhibits to discover. Countless ammonites from our Yorkshire shores and more distant ones will delight you with their intricate and amazing designs.

Nullius in Verba

Nullius in Verba – Motto of the Geonauts®

July has seen the end of the Geonaut Clubs and two great Celebration events at Hummersea Primary School in Loftus and St Benedict's Primary School, Ampleforth. Parents, teachers, members of the Trust and school children were treated to wonderful displays and amazing presentations,

Lewis Hutton

Lewis Hunton - A life worth celebrating!

NE Yorkshire Geology Trust has done it again! - Securing £60,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (£38,000) and partners York Potash (£10,000 contribution), Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Living Seas Centre (£1,000 matched funding), RHB Rock & Fossil (£2,000 support)

Mike in Rosedale

What's in a celebration?

This year on November 9th in our Village Hall, NE Yorkshire Geology Trust will be celebrating 10 years in our community: 10 years of fossil walks with school children, our MP and our local Councillor, an oil millionaire, a trilobite fanatic, a few creationists, tourists and countless enchanted individuals.

Dead Crabs and Jet

'Dead Crabs and Jet'

'Dead Crabs and Jet' is not just a culmination, it is a reflection of our project which involved our community from the beginning in discovering, sharing and enjoying our rich local heritage. It's not just about geology and geodiversity, it touches many other aspects of what makes our heritage and what attracts people to visit and settle in our area

Bio Gas Generator

A Story of Poo – Your Geology Trust goes global!

What can you give to the person who has everything? Something trivial and meaningless, for example a paperweight made from dinosaur coprolite. That's poo to you. Unusual and certainly a talking point, but what can you give the person who has nothing?

Its Great to Celebrate

It's great to celebrate!

The second Celebration of our Community on 10th November proved an even bigger success than last year's. Thirty heritage and community organisations joined your Geology Trust in the Village Hall and hundreds of visitors discovered the colourful marine life off our shores, 101 uses for seaweed

Summers End

Summers End

Unseasonal weather, glorious mud and one of our leaders' accident (Paul is much better now thankfully), nothing stops your Geology Trust! We've had a packed summer with Fossil Fun Days at Beck Isle Museum, joint walks with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, plenty of fossil walks in Robin Hood's Bay.

Anthony Hurd

A Bay full of heritage, knowledge and enjoyment!

Our project in Robin Hood's Bay is progressing well this spring with three specific items to highlight: a partnership with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and their Living Seas project, a most successful Alum Dyeing Workshop and an absorbing course on Understanding Geological Maps. Anthony Hurd, Living Seas Centre Officer for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, joined our Celebration of our Community last November in Robin Hood's Bay Village Hall.

An eagerly-anticipated Events Programme!

I know you are all keen to find out what's on offer - 64 events from April 2012 to March 2013. There are many partnership events such as Fossil Fun Days with Beck Isle Museum in Pickering. In April a Victorian Geologist will make an appearance in the Victorian Parlour of the Museum and

Victorian Geologists are back!

Charles Darwin, Revd Dean Buckland, William Smith, Henry de La Beche, Mary Anning and Elisabeth Philpot are some of the eminent geologists who visited Robin Hood's Bay last December. They brought curios and fantastic exhibits and amazed hundreds of visitors with their great discoveries.

A celebration of our community 12 Nov 2011

What a Celebration!

A big thank you from the Geology Trust for making the Celebration of our Community such a success. Thank you to all of you who had a stand or came to visit us. One of our members estimated that over 500 people visited more...

It makes it all worthwhile!

On 14th October, your Geology Trust took a group of children from Rosedale Community Primary School on a fossil walk with their teachers and parents, our local Cllr Jane Mortimer and Robert Goodwill MP.

A Bay Full of Heritage

A Bay Full of Heritage

Things are happening fast for our project in Robin Hood's Bay and there's plenty for you to enjoy. Geonaut Events
These are offered to our local schools, an opportunity to enjoy our local landscape as an open-air classroom more...

Rosedale Show

Vales and Dales Project in Rosedale

Our Vales & Dales project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, concluded in October 2010 and yet it lives on through our links with the Rosedale community and the two trail guides and earth heritage booklet we produced.

In the Geology Trust Events Programme for 2011, Rosedale features through: more...

Robin Hoods Bay

North East Yorkshire Geology Trust gets a Bay full of Heritage!

A project by the Geology Trust, which involves the community of Robin Hood's Bay and surrounding villages and worth nearly £53,000, has been awarded £49,800 by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund. "It's brilliant news for the Trust to be involved with our own community, more...

Recruiting for Geoconservation

Recruiting for Geoconservation

The start of a new year is a great opportunity for your Geology Trust to launch a recruitment effort. We are looking for support for our Local Geodiversity Action Plan (LGAP). An LGAP is a document, similar to a Biodiversity Action Plan, underpinning all work relating to geodiversity within a local region. more...

Aux Armes, Geoconservationist!

Aux Armes, Geoconservationist!

A local geological Site of Special Scientific Interest has seen some very active geoconservation by NE Yorkshire Geology Trust members in the last few weeks. Massive brambles, nettles, hawthorn bushes, fallen trees and piles of unnamed weeds awaited us and that’s just the vegetation! more...

Walk & Talk

Walk and talk with the Geology Trust!

After an incredibly busy summer of fossil and beach treasure walks, energetic Sunday guided walks, open days and the Rosedale Show, North East Yorkshire Geology Trust is about to settle indoors with talks and project work but will take you on five last guided walks in October. more...


North East Yorkshire Geology Trust champions the Yorkshire Deal and secures £ 26,000 additional funding!

The funding secured is an extension to the project "Making the most of Geodiversity in Aggregate Quarries", which the Geology Trust won last year. £14,000 of the project extension is funded by Natural England through Defra's Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund. more...


Rosedale – a wonderful place with a turbulent past

Rosedale features highly in the priorities of NE Yorkshire Geology Trust this summer as we are completing our Vales & Dales project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Trail guides and an Earth Heritage booklet will be launched at the Rosedale Show on 21st August. It’s a great event and we are planning to make even more of an impression this year. Watch this space! more...



Mike Windle, Director of NE Yorkshire Geology Trust coined the term “Yorkshire Deal” a few years ago, to exemplify the pragmatic, inclusive and business-like attitude, he and the Geology Trust apply to geoconservation and everything they undertake.

“At the heart of a Yorkshire deal, are the strong relationships the Geology Trust forges with landowners, quarry operators, education providers, planning authorities and institutions, the understanding of all interested parties on a particular site, more...

On the piste in Rosedale

Geology Trust puts its sites on the map!

NE Yorkshire Geology Trust has just completed successfully two very important projects funded by Natural England through the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund. The first one, a survey of Regionally Important Geological Sites (RIGS) in Rosedale, more...

Heritage Lottery Fund

A pioneering project between NE Yorkshire Geology Trust and the community of Rosedale

NE Yorkshire Geology Trust has secured funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a unique project which will not only take a new look at the nationally important geological sites in Rosedale but will also explore the famous industrial heritage of the Dale. The project will deliver two new trail guides in our series Secrets in the Landscape, a booklet describing the Earth heritage of Rosedale, more...

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