What's in your bag, Reverend Dean Buckland?

Reverend Buckland in Robin Hood's BayYou will discover the answer to this question during Robin Hood's Bay's Victorian Weekend when Reverend Dean Buckland visits the Yorkshire Coast Dinosaur & Fossil Museum.

Reverend Buckland always carried a blue canvas bag, the contents of which delighted his audience: curios, rocks he was studying, the latest fossils he had discovered or been given... He will not bring the hyena he keeps in his rooms at Oxford to demonstrate the validity of his theory about Kirkham Cave.

He will meet up with famous paleontologist Mary Anning, who travels from the south coast to be with us, and Loftus geologist Lewis Hunton.

So let's put a knot in our Victorian handkerchief and make sure we come and say hello on December 9th and 10th 2017.