North East Yorkshire Geology Trust champions the Yorkshire Deal
and secures £ 26,000 additional funding!

The funding secured is an extension to the project "Making the most of Geodiversity in Aggregate Quarries", which the Geology Trust won last year. £14,000 of the project extension is funded by Natural England through Defra's Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund.

At the heart of this latest success for the Geology Trust, are the relationships Mike Windle, the Trust's Director, has developed with two very special organisations, the Esk Valley Railway Development Company and Basics Plus and the track record of achievement and reliability the Trust has built over the last seven years.

"Why a Yorkshire Deal? Because we are based in Yorkshire and like a direct, simple approach. It's about working together for the greater good and everyone involved getting some of what they want. It's about forging strong relationships with landowners, education providers, planning authorities and institutions. It's about understanding all interested parties on a particular site, respecting other people's land. It's about including rather than alienating and the desire to build a solution beneficial to all." says Mike Windle, Director of North East Yorkshire Geology Trust.

The Esk Valley Railway Development Company has championed the Geology Trust's involvement with the Castleton & Danby communities for the last two years and that strand of the project will lead to the production of two Secrets in the Landscape trail guides, guided walks and events with the local communities.

"Esk Valley Railway Development Company, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, was set-up to engage with the community, address social and economic regeneration, promote sustainable public transport and encourage the pursuit of walking and cycling. What better way to do it than with well-researched, beautifully-designed trail guides? We hope to have Secrets in the Landscape trail guides for each of the stations along the Esk Valley to reflect the importance of this unique landscape.", says Angela Thirkill, Development Manager for Esk Valley Railway Development Company.

The other facet of this exciting extension to the Trust's project is the joint undertaking of active geoconservation, vegetation clearance and site enhancement, by the Geology Trust's members and Basics Plus at Betton Farm Quarries. Basics Plus is a social enterprise, involved in providing employment for people with learning difficulties. The Trust will also provide site interpretation and help with the management of this Site of Special Scientific Interest for Geology with Natural England's approval.

"There are a great number of activities and areas we will get involved together for the benefit of the local community and the members of our organisations: site clearance, interpretation and story-telling of the environment which created our site, educational activities, participation in public events, guided walks, guidance on the management of a site of such importance...We can't wait to get started!", says Avis Turner, Director of Basics Plus.

The project "Making the most of Geodiversity in Aggregate Quarries" will lead to the production of 6 trail guides, the first of which Slingsby Hovingham has been published. It will also generate countless guided walks, events with the local communities and schools as well as provide a platform for site designation, management and geoconservation as a whole. "None of this would happen in these difficult times without the generous support in money, time and resources of forward-thinking organisations and the individuals within them. Thank you.", says Stuart Swann, Chairman of NE Yorkshire Geology Trust.

NE Yorkshire Geology Trust is a not-for-profit organisation involved in protecting our rich local geodiversity and sharing it with as wide an audience as possible. If you want to know more, join us, commission an event, buy our trail guides or make a generous donation, please call us on 01947 88 1000, email using our contact us form or visit All the money we raise goes to supporting the work of the Trust.

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