It makes it all worthwhile!

On 14th October, your Geology Trust took a group of children from Rosedale Community Primary School on a fossil walk with their teachers and parents, our local Cllr Jane Mortimer and Robert Goodwill MP.

A fun packed day

The weather was amazing, everyone had a great time, the Geology Trust got a whole page in the Whitby Gazette and raised important issues about geoconservation, science education and funding with our MP and Councillor.

Councillor Mortimer, Mike Wendle and Robert Goodwill MP

This lovely card received a few days after the event makes all the work we do worthwhile.

A lovely card from Appreciative fans
A lovely card from Appreciative fans

Geonaut Events are a truly unique idea designed by your Geology Trust and they are based on the joys of discovering and learning new facts and skills for life. Part of the valuable work your Geology Trust does is about raising awareness of our wonderful geology and geodiversity and of the threats they face through lack of funding and resources in particular.

All on the Beach