Rosedale – a wonderful place with a turbulent past



Looking for fossils with the Rosedale History Society at East MinesRosedale features highly in the priorities of NE Yorkshire Geology Trust this summer as we are completing our Vales & Dales project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Trail guides and an Earth Heritage booklet will be launched at the Rosedale Show on 21st August. It’s a great event and we are planning to make even more of an impression this year. Watch this space!

We will be sharing our marquee as in the last two years with the Rosedale History Society. We have guided walks together, supported each other at events such as their Open Day at Updale Reading Rooms and our Geoday in Danby last year; we have visited inspiring museums and dreamt up future projects.

If you’d like to know more about the fascinating history of Rosedale or if you have some information you’d like to share, you could visit the Rosedale History Society website at or attend their monthly Tea & Chat gatherings at the Updale Reading Rooms. They have collected a wealth of artefacts, photographs and records which bring the areas past history and industry to life.

Don’t miss out and remember the Rosedale Show at Rosedale Abbey on 21st August from 10am!

Joint walk with the Rosedale History Society

As you can see, there is plenty to discover and enjoy with your Geology Trust. All events are £2 per person, free to members. Membership of the North East Yorkshire Geology Trust is £10 for the year and starts on April 1st.

Please tell your friends, put dates in your diary and enjoy a year of fun with your Geology Trust!

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