Mike Windle, Director of NE Yorkshire Geology Trust coined the term “Yorkshire Deal” a few years ago, to exemplify the pragmatic, inclusive and business-like attitude, he and the Geology Trust apply to geoconservation and everything they undertake.

“At the heart of a Yorkshire deal, are the strong relationships the Geology Trust forges with landowners, quarry operators, education providers, planning authorities and institutions, the understanding of all interested parties on a particular site, the respect of other people’s land, the ability to include rather than alienate and the desire to build a solution beneficial to all”, says Mike Windle.

HovinghamThe latest project for which NE Yorkshire Geology Trust has won funding from the Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund administered by Natural England will ensure four quarry sites in North Yorkshire will be in the limelight as test cases for the development of improved geoconservation practices.

Beyond a trail guide for each of the sites, the interpretation of the value of the geology and the sharing with local communities and schools of the geodiversity story on each of the sites, NE Yorkshire Geology Trust intends to build on their relationship with quarry operators and owners and create a framework for geoconservation which is not too onerous, workable for all parties, respects the fact that work has to take place, houses have to be built, important sites have to be preserved and studied and can be acceptable to other quarry operators and landowners and implemented across the county and nationally.

Once again the chance for NE Yorkshire Geology Trust to undertake a challenging and pioneering project.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want your views to be heard, if you want to know more or to participate to our work on this project.