Mapping a work experience

These maps designed by Ryan Brown show the geology and locations of our territory. They are an excellent example of collaboration between NE Yorkshire Geology Trust and its partners - here the York St John University.Yorkshire Geology Map

Mike Windle, Director of the Geology Trust created a tailor-made work experience to suit Dr Pauline Couper's Human Geography student in a 'Yorkshire Deal' that benefitted all parties.

Dr Barry Butler and Intern Andrea Brewster from the Geology Trust also committed their time, skills and enthusiasm to the project. Ryan gained project management experience, having to arrange meetings, respect deadlines and communicate with 'his client', as well as the satisfaction of his new skills in Corel Draw being put to a practical use.

Ryan has earned valuable work experience and his maps will be used professionally as part of our website and will also be of further use as part of his CV.
We hope to collaborate more with Ryan in the future and can now recommend his cartographic services to other organisations!


Scarborough and Ryedale District map Scarborough and Ryedale District ma