Lewis Hunton - A life worth celebrating!

NE Yorkshire Geology Trust has done it again! - Securing £60,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (£38,000) and partners York Potash (£10,000 contribution), Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Living Seas Centre (£1,000 matched funding), RHB Rock & Fossil (£2,000 support), Howardian Hills AONB (£2000), Loftus Town Council (£100), Loftus Tradesmen Reform Group [£100] and Hanson-Heidelberg (£4,800 contribution) with the support of Tees Valley RIGS Group, Prior Purseglove College, St Benedict's Primary School [Ampleforth], Hummersea Primary School [Loftus] and of our active members including Albert Elliott and Anita Buttell who brought Lewis Hunton to our attention.

Young GeonautsWe will be celebrating a life tragically cut short, that of Lewis Hunton (1814-1838) whose work, fundamental to the development of the science of geology, heralded what would become Bio-Stratigraphy.

The emphasis of the project will be on community involvement, in the whole of the region and centered around Loftus where Lewis Hunton was born and based his research, and our Geonaut Clubs, events in schools and internships for several young people studying geology and envisaging further education and a career in the science.

Mike Windle, Director of NE Yorkshire Geology Trust said: "The project will celebrate the life of a 24-year old geologist whose work would become known as biostratigraphy which has been fundamental to the development of the science of geology. Engaging young people and school children is crucial in deprived regions such as the Loftus area and it is central to the ethos of NE Yorkshire Geology Trust."

Matt Parsons, Education and Skills Manager at York Potash commented:
"This is a great community project to be supporting, especially as private funds can be matched with public to help the project go further. We are committed to working with partners to raise awareness of science and especially geology, and we look forward to providing work experience opportunities for the interns and supporting primary school students learning more about geology and the local area."

Lewis Hunton's life will also be celebrated with active geoconservation of relevant geological sites, blue plaques and interpretation panels at local sites like Lewis Hunton's birthplace. It is wonderful that the project should start on the bicentenary of Lewis Hunton's birth. Please come and find out more at the launch events at Loftus Town Hall on 24th May (10.30 to 12.00) and 31st May (10.30 to 12.00) at the Dorman Museum .

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