Heritage Lottery Fund

Vales and Dales

A pioneering project between NE Yorkshire Geology Trust and the community of Rosedale

NE Yorkshire Geology Trust has secured funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a unique project which will not only take a new look at the nationally important geological sites in Rosedale but will also explore the famous industrial heritage of the Dale.

The project will deliver two new trail guides in our series Secrets in the Landscape, a booklet describing the Earth heritage of Rosedale, various training opportunities for local people to help them understand and interpret their local heritage better and a series of public events including walks and talks by the Geology Trust and our usual presence in a marquee at the Rosedale Show on 16th August. There will be a series of interpretation panels designed and produced for display in local cafés, pubs, the school and the Reading Rooms. The Trust will also donate ¾ of all the trail guides and booklets printed to the local community so that they can raise funds by selling them for their own future projects.

The project is also about sharing best practice and the huge experience of the Geology Trust in project management to enable the local community to pursue its own ideas and its own projects in the future.

It is hoped that because of the unique character of the project and the approach taken by the Geology Trust (we are all people who live in the area) that local people will become directly involved in the work of the project. The Geology Trust is seeking information, rocks, fossils and stories about the local quarrying and mining industries in the area so if you have any photographs, documents, maps, quarry plans, stories or perhaps you have some relics of the local mining industry, we would be grateful if you could share them with us so they can become part of the trail guides, heritage booklet or exhibition.

The Trust works very closely with local community groups such as the Rosedale Community Group, the Rosedale History Society, the Parish Councils, Rosedale Abbey School and local businesses. As part of that partnership working, Henry and Jane at Molly’s have already given the space for an exhibition about local geology and local history.

On July 5th, we will be holding our Annual Geoday in Rosedale Abbey. We are especially keen that anyone living in the area and wanting to know more about the project, the people involved and how they can get involved, should come along. It should be a fun and informative day with a barbecue and a guided walk. If you are interested in coming along, please contact the Trust on 01947 88 1000 or email using our contact us page.

The project is all about local heritage, so we hope that as many local people as possible will get involved in whatever way they can. If you feel that this project is something you could support, we would be most grateful to receive a letter or email of support as we hope in the not too distant future to take this idea to other Vales and Dales within our area.