Geology Trust puts its sites on the map!

NE Yorkshire Geology Trust has just completed successfully two very important projects funded by Natural England through the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund.

The first one, a survey of Regionally Important Geological Sites (RIGS) in Rosedale, was undertaken mostly during the worst winter in our region for 20 years. The area around Holling Mines proved particularly trying in the blizzards of January and 6 inches of snow! All the sites have been surveyed, recorded and now feature on our Geographical Information System (GIS).

On the piste in Rosedale

This was the object of our second project, the plotting of all our sites digitally in our GIS and the storing of all information, documents and photographs pertinent to each site on the same MacPro computer. This GIS system provides us with Ordnance Survey and British Geological Survey data and a wonderful resource for our field geologists and recorders.

Kathryn Brown, Data Manager for the project says: “The Geology Trust now has all its site data in one location, rather than several filing cabinets maps and digital reports. The GIS is easy to use and we now have a great tool for the sustainable development of our site database as more information becomes available through more recent surveys or more sites are identified.”