'Dead Crabs and Jet'

This is the intriguing title of the Geology Trust's latest publication. It is the culmination of our project 'A Bay full of Heritage' funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, which we completed at the end of April.

'Dead Crabs and Jet' is not just a culmination, it is a reflection of our project which involved our community from the beginning in discovering, sharing and enjoying our rich local heritage. It's not just about geology and geodiversity, it touches many other aspects of what makes our heritage and what attracts people to visit and settle in our area.Dead Crabs & Jet

Another facet of the work of your Geology Trust takes place behind the scenes, protecting our wonderful geodiversity, being an advocate for geoconversation. A three-year campaign has seen the Trust secure £150,000 funding from Hanson for a PhD for Royal Holloway, University of London, a place for the Trust on the Management Committee of Dawnay Estates quarry site extension at Wykeham, North Yorkshire and an outreach programme to explain and inform the general public of the amazing value of the Quaternary geology at Wykeham, which reveals evidence of rapid climate change as very few sites in the world do. Unlike the 'Bay of Heritage' project for which we received support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, our work to protect geodiversity, as planning consultees and geoconservation specialists generally receives no funding but is at the core of what we stand for. We are an independent not-for-profit organisation of passionate individuals who care about the environment they live in, who enjoy the landscape around them and who believe they should fight to get their voice heard if it means a globally-important site is saved and can be studied to inform the climate change models our politicians use to decide on environmental policy.

Dead Crabs & Jet

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