What's in a celebration?

This year on November 9th in our Village Hall, NE Yorkshire Geology Trust will be celebrating 10 years in our community: 10 years of fossil walks with school children, our MP and our local Councillor, an oil millionaire, a trilobite fanatic, a few creationists, tourists and countless enchanted individuals. !0 years of fund raising for geoconservation, always a difficult task as rocks are not cuddly even when sold with little eyes by Michael Styles in his Rock and Fossil Museum and Bookshop in Robin Hood's Bay. Michael, a staunch supporter of the Geology Trust will for our 10 anniversary, sponsor in our name some more bio-gas generators in Nepal, a lovely present which makes a massive difference to so many people's lives.The group in Rosedale

Changing lives and people's perspectives is also what your Geology Trust has been trying to do over the years with

  • institutions, getting them to give geology parity with archaeology and biodiversity,
  • individuals, instilling in them an interest for our local landscape and earth heritage,
  • school children and students, generating an interest and furthering their knowledge of a fascinating subject - the study of our planet,
  • the general public, giving people a sense of place and a better understanding of our landscape, its origins, unique value and fragility.


What about you, what have you got to celebrate, what do you want to tell others? Come and join us by booking a table or two and let us know, your successes and your hopes or just your joy at being part of such an active and strong community. For just £3 (payable in advance at the office), you will meet people as passionate as you about their society or group, you will discover many things you didn't know about our community and hopefully as for the last two years, you will reach an impressive number of interested individuals as this is one of the Village Hall most popular event.

Celebration 2012This Celebration of our Community will be different and reflect the year we've had, the people who are joining us: Fylingdales School, the WI, Thorpe Sports and Bowling Club, Yorkshire Naturalists Union, Boggle Hole Youth Hostel, Churches Together, RHB Tourism Association looking forward to the 20th Victorian Weekend this December, our History Society, two local Museums, Hawk and Owl Trust and many others and you who will decide reading this, that it is an opportunity that cannot be missed!

Come and join us on the day to celebrate 10 years of geoconservation and passion for our landscape!