A Bay Full of Heritage

Things are happening fast for our project in Robin Hood's Bay and there's plenty for you to enjoy.

Bay Afternoon – Every Wednesday from 2 to 5pm
Please come to the office and have a chat about the Robin Hoods Bay Adventureproject, we'll tell you what we have planned over the next year. If you are interested in walking, trail testing or checking footpaths, you could pick up a map of an area you'd like to walk and we'll give the information we gather on the state of footpaths for example to the National Park. Perhaps you could bring photos or documents about old quarries, brick works, local views and see how you could get involved.

Celebration of our community – 12th November 3 to 7pm
The Geology Trust will host an event at Fylingdales Village Hall. All associations, groups, societies, museums, clubs, interested individuals from Robin Hood's Bay and surrounding villages are invited to take a space for a display of what they do and a chance to chat to local people about their interests, their collections, what they offer.

Please book free space for your group with Bénédicte by calling 01947 881000 or email contact@neyorksgelogytrust.com. On the 12th November from 3 to 7pm, everybody is welcome to join us at the Village Hall and celebrate all the great and little things that happen in Bay. The entrance is free and refreshments will be available.How Beautiful  is this

Geonaut Events
These are offered to our local schools, an opportunity to enjoy our local landscape as an open-air classroom, explore, search for clues, analyse findings and learn about our rich earth heritage.

This summer we had a Beach Treasure Geonaut Event with the Robin Hood's Bay Cubs and they looked for pebbles and semi-precious stones to learn where they come from, build a collection and work towards their collector's badge.

Please contact the Geology Trust on 01947 881000 or email contact@neyorksgeologytrust to find out more or book a Geonaut Event for your school.

Victorian Geologists at the Victorian Weekend – 3rd & 4th December
On the 3rd and 4th December, the Geology Trust will be holding a Victorian Geologists Travelling Show in the bottom bar of Ye Old Dolphin Inn on New Street. Come and join Mary Anning and other eminent geologists of the Victorian Age for a rock and fossil road-show with a difference!

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