An eagerly-anticipated Events Programme!  

StarfishI know you are all keen to find out what's on offer - 64 events from April 2012 to March 2013. There are many partnership events such as Fossil Fun Days with Beck Isle Museum in Pickering. In April a Victorian Geologist will make an appearance in the Victorian Parlour of the Museum and bring his rocks, fossil and curios. Fossil Fun Days will also be an opportunity for all the family to visit a lovely museum and to do colouring of Jurassic landscapes and creatures, make a dinosaur and enjoy plaster casting a fossil with your Geology Trust and Museum Volunteers. You will discover more details of another partnership (with the Living Seas project of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust) later this month. There will be several joint events and on 7th August Mike will lead a joint walk with Anthony Hunt (YWT) in Robin Hood's Bay. Catherine Welsh will join Stuart Swann on the Filey Brigg events and she will tell you about the history and will throw in interesting details about the sex life of barnacles. This year we will join in Wass Environment Weekend, take a walk in Forge Valley with the Friends of Raincliffe and Forge Valley Woods, participate in the Rosedale Show with the Rosedale History Society on 18th August and Celebrate our Community of Robin Hood's Bay in November.

A Field ExcursionThere is much for you to pencil on your calendar. We haven't forgotten your old favourites and there'll be plenty of Fossil Walks in Robin Hood's Bay and a couple of Beach Treasure Walks. Mike Styles will still take you on a few and very nice long walks this summer. Stuart Swann, our Chairman, is leading two special Field Excursions to Filey Brigg and Yons Nab.

There is a new leader of walks this year, our Director, Mike Windle. He has created walks of different length and difficulty. On quite a few Wednesday afternoons, he will lead a walk in Robin Hood's Bay from our offices. He will decide on the day what footpath to survey. These walks are part of our HLF-funded project 'A Bay full of Heritage'. They will be an opportunity to undertake active conservation, share your knowledge of our local heritage and ask all you ever wanted to know of Mike! He will also lead long guided walks to Roseberry Topping in May and Rosedale in October for example. His Sundays walks should be more gentle and offer a break at pubs (Bryherstone Country Inn Ravenscar Peakfor the Bryherstone Bimble in July) or tearooms like the Ship Inn in Port Mulgrave in May.

As you can see, there is plenty to discover and enjoy with your Geology Trust. Remember also our 26 Secrets in the Landscape trail guides, which enable you to discover new areas with the Geology Trust, taking a Geologist in your pocket.

Don't forget to put the events in your calendar, tell your friends and entice them to join the Trust for £10 (£25 for a family - Membership valid from April to March) to take advantage of all the other activities offered to members-only such as Active Geoconservation (in Forge Valley Woods probably in July) or special courses ('How to understand Geological Maps' with Barry Butler this March) and Field Trips (we are trying to organise a visit to Boulby Potash Mine). Enjoy!