A great read on a great walk

Barry ButlerBarry Butler, an active member of the Geology Trust, has published The Coast-to-Coast: Rocks & Scenery, a book we are happy to recommend to walkers, landscape and geology enthusiasts and Earth Sciences students. The book follows Wainwright's Coast-to-Coast Walk from St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay as it journeys through rocks and scenery shaped during the last 500 million years in environments as contrasted as ancient seas and deserts, volcanoes and glaciers and enlivened by continental collisions, climate change and mountain-building on a Himalayan scale.

Coast-to-Coast: Rocks & SceneryThe Coast-to-Coast: Rocks & Scenery makes an excellent guide on your walk. In plain language, Barry Butler and his co-author for the Lake District, John Gunner will make you the witness to Britain's remarkable journey in space and time. It will enrich your experience of the walk and open your eyes to the secrets in the landscape of Northern England.


Striding Edge from the top of HelvellynIt is beautifully illustrated with 300 original drawing by Barry Butler and will serve as an invaluable field guide to the geology of Northern England. It provides a selection of exposures and sites of particular interest on route with a detailed description of where to go and regular Journal entries for more detailed explanation of the wider geological context in blue type that can be read before or after the day's walk.

You can buy a copy of the book from most online retailers and from a number of independent book retailers such as Castle Hill Bookshop in Richmond, North Yorkshire, Holmans in Whitby and the Sleepy Elephant in Sedbergh. The reatil price for Coast-to-Coast Walk: Rocks & Scenery is £14.50. If you'd like to buy a copy signed by Barry Butler, please contact us and we will organise it for you.

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