Nullius in Verba – Motto of the Geonauts®

July has seen the end of the Geonaut Clubs and two great Celebration events at Hummersea Primary School in Loftus and St Benedict's Primary School, Ampleforth. Parents, teachers, members of the Trust and school children were treated to wonderful displays and amazing presentations, they were invited to take the £10 test by the Geonauts eager to show off their skills with a hand-lense and their knowledge.Geonaughts Hummersea

The Geonaut Clubs are an original idea of Mike Windle, Director of NE Yorkshire Geology Trust. With the enthusiastic support of Laura Carver, a Teacher at Hummersea, and Andrea Brewster at St Benedict's, he has introduced the Geonauts to the science of geology, has given them an insight, a secret window on our world. The Geonauts have explored the planet they live on, acquired life skills (observation, recording, drawing, note making, analysis...). They have learnt about dinosaurs, created their own collections of rocks and fossils, visited mines and museums and Geonaughts awarded their certificatesdiscovered the life of Lewis Hunton, a young geologist from Loftus, who made a significant contribution to the science of geology before dying at the young age of 24.

The Geonauts have learned a lot and enjoyed more over the past year as was reflected in their enthusiasm to share their acquired knowledge and skills with others and the amazing presentations and displays they each contributed to.

They each received from the hands of Michael Hodgson, Mayor of Loftus at Hummersea and Stuart Swann, our Chairman, at St Benedict's, a Certificate attesting to their achievements. From Mike Windle, who couldn't Fabulous Geonaughts displayshave been more proud, a T-shirt, a and-lense and a wonderful fossil collection. These were made possible as some other aspects of the Geonaut Club's activities by a special award from Loftus Council represented by Cllr Eric Jackson.

The Geonaut Clubs at Hummersea and Ampleforth are a pilot scheme, part of the Geology Trust Lewis Hunton Project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.Geonaught presentations