Aux Armes, Geoconservationist!

A local geological Site of Special Scientific Interest has seen some very active geoconservation by NE Yorkshire Geology Trust members in the last few weeks. Massive brambles, nettles, hawthorn bushes, fallen trees and piles of unnamed weeds awaited us and that’s just the vegetation!

We have made big progress, taken a few well-deserved breaks and will meet up again soon for more hard work. So far, we’ve been lucky with the weather and the impact of our work is so obvious - it’s immensely rewarding. We’ll soon get to see some geology!

Clearing BramblesOnce the vegetation is cleared and until it grows again, we will be clearing rock faces - long-handled brushes with multi-coloured bristles and elbow grease is all that’s needed! Hopefully we’ll discover the secrets the site holds. We will also sort out rocks and pile them to separate the limestone from the sandstone, the fossils from the rubble, gather material for analysis and research as well as create an on-site collection for future visitors to enjoy.

Come and make a difference! This geoconservation project is one of the many aspects of our project “Making the most of Geodiversity in Aggregate Quarries” funded by DEFRA’s Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund administered by Natural England.

This is a bigger job than I thought! Is there no end to this!