A big thank you to Jess and Adverset

Become a GeonautJess and Adverset give your Geology Trust two great banners!

When we met him last October at the Engineering Week at Scarborough Spa, John Easby, Adverset's Managing Director, suggested that he might consider sponsoring the Geology Trust with communication material. So when it came to be that we needed new pull up banners to 'advertise' our Geonaut Events at Raven Hall Hotel and Beck Isle Museum, I got in touch and it all happened very quickly.Meet a Victorian Geologist

Jessica Hogarth, a local artist who is helping us with designs for our 'Bay of Heritage' booklet, created the graphic design for the two banners, giving a grainy feel to the 'Meet a Victorian Geologist' one and an active outdoors look to the 'Become a Geonaut' banner.

Adverset added their sponsorship message and produced two very striking banners, which we immediately put to good use attracting 200 people for our Victorian Rock & Fossil Road Show on 16th February at Raven Hall Hotel in Ravenscar.

You can visit Adverset www.adverset.co.uk and see Jess's Robin Hood's Bay inspired prints and products at www.jessicahogarth.com.

Thank you to Jess and John for making this possible and helping the Geology Trust spread the word without spending its resources vital to geoconservation.