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Mike on the beach with a camera crew from 'Village of the Year' program. Robin Hoods Bay should be on 7th February

Whats in your bag Reverend Buckland?

Mentors and dinosaurs - the life of an intern

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Does Geology Last Forever?
Author Bénédicte Windle

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Nepal ProjectYou might remember that 5 years ago, the awareness of the Geology Trust went global thanks to Michael Styles, one of our active members and supporters.

Michael who owns and runs the amazing Dinosaur & Fossil Museum in Robin Hood's Bay, donated money to a small community in Nepal for the building of an ingenious project which turns waste into energy.

They have now built 10 bio gas generators and Kamal Adhikari, who is Michael's contact in Nepal, posted some photographs on Facebook of the latest construction and some of the creatures he encounters on his travels.

Michael who has returned a fewNepal Project times to this remote part of Nepal has contributed new photos of our sponsored "toilets" and of the toys the local children create out of pop bottles.

Our renewed thanks go to Michael Styles for his generosity and the links he has forged for the Trust between our two communities.



Nepal Project Kamal Adhikari and the Nepal Project
Nepal ProjectNepal Project